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Expertise across the renewable technology project cycle

Cube Green Energy is a renewable energy producer and developer leading the transformation of Europe’s energy market.

We develop and operate wind and solar farms and have a core specialization in repowering existing wind farms, optimizing their performance and maximizing their energy output. We also engineer cutting-edge solutions that integrate battery storage and energy hybrid technologies, unlocking the full potential of renewable energy.

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Our mission is provide 24/7 renewable energy solutions that power communities and businesses around the clock, without relying on fossil fuels.

Investing in the latest renewable technology

Cube Green Energy is a renewable energy producer and B2B energy solutions provider. With expertise across the project cycle, we use the latest technologies and artificial intelligence tools to upgrade and repower existing energy farms to increase electricity production and deploy state-of-the-art battery and hydrogen storage solutions to bridge the demand-supply gap and address electricity intermittency.

We purchase and repower existing wind farms

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We develop and operate new wind and solar farms

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We invest in advanced renewable energy solutions, including battery and hybrid storage solutions

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We develop and apply proprietary AI solutions to guide our business decisions

Are you ready to accelerate the energy transition?

Cube Green Energy develops, plans and constructs wind and solar farms, from preliminary feasibility studies to commercial operations. Read more about our renewable project development activities and proprietary AI software below.

At the forefront of Europe's Energy transition

We operate across continental Europe and have a large portfolio of wind and solar farms either currently operating and generating electricity or which are in various stage of development. Our core market is in Germany with further operations in multiple surrounding countries including France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

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80 MW operating,
500 MW in development


56 MW operating,
75 MW in development


397 MW in development


5 MW operating,
204 MW in development


462 MW in development


1,331 MW in development


255 MW in development


10 MW operating

Operating MW
0 +
MW In Development
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GWh p.a. operating
0 +
TWh p.a. in development
0 +

We believe in the power of partnerships and recognize we can achieve far more by working together.

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"We relentlessly push the possibilities of renewable energy solutions. Our commitment to innovation and decades of sector expertise fuels our mission to upgrade aging wind farms and harness battery storage and energy hybrid solutions to address electricity intermittency. Our mission is clear; to empower communities and businesses with reliable, 24/7 renewable energy."

Our team of dedicated professionals are here to transform the renewable energy industry.

I Squared Capital

We have strong financial backing from I Squared Capital, an independent global infrastructure investment manager with over €45 billion in assets under management.

I Squared Capital has invested over €6.5 billion specifically in the energy transition since 2014.

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