Cube Green Energy Acquires Maiden Onshore Wind Assets
in Germany

Cube Green Energy, a renewable energy transition platform recently established by I Squared Capital, has made three strategic investments in operating onshore wind projects across two states in Germany, totalling 28 MW.

The acquired wind farms consist of 17 WTGs and an average operating life of 21 years. Cube Green Energy will work on increasing the energy generation at the sites through upgrading and repowering the existing technology, contributing to Germany’s net zero goals. To address the challenges of renewable energy intermittency, Cube Green Energy will work with local stakeholders to optimise the sites for potential storage solutions, including utility-scale batteries. When fully realised, energy capacity and generation at the sites is expected to more than triple, with storage solutions making renewable energy a viable alternative for local consumers and industrial users who require a 24/7 uninterrupted electricity supply.

“These acquisitions sit squarely within Cube Green Energy’s ambition to acquire and upgrade aging renewable energy facilities and to supplement with energy storage and hybrid solutions. At Cube Green Energy, we see enormous opportunities in Germany and other countries in Continental Europe to improve the efficiency of the renewable energy fleet and we aim to be at the forefront in implementing innovative solutions to enable the replacement of existing base load power with renewable sources.”

The acquisitions follow the launch of Cube Green Energy in Oct 2021 and build on the stated ambition to initially commit US$500 million over the coming years to build Cube Green Energy into a leading renewables IPP (independent power producer) that can help enable Europe’s transition to a zero-carbon economy. Deploying the team’s strong financial capabilities and energy expertise, Cube Green Energy continues to evaluate additional acquisition opportunities in continental Europe, including in Germany.

“The team at Cube Green Energy has drawn on its strong partner network to source these opportunities and exhibited incredible resilience and disciplined underwriting to close these transactions during an unprecedented year of volatility in the European energy markets. Cube Green Energy expects these early acquisitions to be the template for future deals as we ramp up our capital deployment and hasten the pace of project acquisitions.”

About Cube Green Energy

Established in late 2021 by I Squared Capital, Cube Green Energy is a pan-European renewable energy IPP dedicated to improving renewable energy efficiency and availability by upgrading and repowering aging renewable energy farms and optimising sites with the deployment of storage and hybrid solutions.

The management of Cube Green Energy has 75+ years of experience in energy investments and managed portfolios of 10+GW in renewable technology globally.

Cube Green Energy currently operates 28 MW of onshore wind assets and has a development pipeline of 70+ MW expected to be ready to build over the next 3-4 years.

Hussain Shalchi
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel
Cube Green Energy

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