Collaborative partnerships make a cleaner future

The power of partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships and recognize that we can achieve far more by working together.

Whether you are a company seeking innovative renewable energy solutions or an individual looking to invest in the future of clean power, we invite you to work with us. We bring expertise, creativity, and a proven track record of success to every collaboration.

"We're all about making smart investments that not only grow our bottom line but also create a brighter and greener future. Our strategy is rooted in sustainability, balancing financial gains with meaningful impact for generations to come."

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Collaborative Partnerships

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Capital for growth strategies

We can support your company or projects by providing capital and expertise. Our investments contribute to the energy transition whilst giving you the financial stability to help you focus your attention on the development of your business or projects.

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Risk sharing for difficult projects

Renewable energy projects can be extremely challenging and lengthy. If you have a project that is dragging on or difficult to implement then let us support you by developing bespoke solutions to address the challenges.

Energy storage in a rural setting


We see vast opportunities for energy storage solutions and actively contribute funds and expertise to realise 24/7 renewable power. If you are considering utility grade battery or hybrid storage systems to compliment your existing projects, let us develop solutions together to agree a funding strategy and optimise operations so as to ensure its economic feasibility.

"Strong partnerships are key to achieving our goals. By fostering open communication and maintaining transparent relationships, we ensure that our projects align with the unique needs and aspirations of the local community."

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Are you ready to accelerate the energy transition?

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Renewable energy operators

If a sale of your wind farm is an option, we would be happy to discuss and jointly determine a fair sales price. We are transaction-proven and fast and can offer attractive prices by apply our expertise and recognising the full potential of your project.  

"We take pride in being long-term investors and custodians of sustainable assets. Our commitment extends beyond the initial development as we diligently operate and maintain our renewable energy farms, ensuring their peak performance and longevity, with the intent to retain them as an integral part of our portfolio."


If you have arable, pasture land or forestry, we would be happy to carry out a site assessment and advise on the implementation of a wind farm project giving you a further income stream without materially impacting its current land usage

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"From the early planning stages to the final commissioning tests of the machines, our team meticulously plans the timelines and costs in the development of a project and takes proactive steps to maximise its success. We're dedicated to driving positive change, one wind or solar farm at a time"

Municipality and citizen participation

Our success in developing wind and solar farms can only be successfully implemented if the municipalities and citizens in the catchment area are actively involved in the process.

Through early information events, participation models such as electricity price reductions or through direct investments in the community’s infrastructure, Cube Green Energy makes an active contribution to local communities.

Are you ready to accelerate the energy transition?