End-to-end development of renewable infrastructure

Our renewable project development activities

Cube Green Energy develops, plans and constructs wind and solar farms, from preliminary feasibility studies to commercial operations.

We invest considerable time and resource and deploy cutting edge AI solutions to help identify the optimal project sites, optimise the technical configuration and reduce permitting and construction times.

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Resource Assessment

Analysing the wind/solar resources and securing optimal land locations are the foundation for a successful renewable energy farm.

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Technical and Economic Feasibility

Success in any project starts from meticulous planning. Cube Green Energy carefully analyses the economic and technical feasibility of a project and runs multiple stress tests to ensure its viability and maximise its prospects of success.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

We prioritize environmental stewardship by conducting thorough environmental impact assessments for our renewable energy farms, ensuring that our projects are harmonised with local communities and nature.

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Planning Approvals

Working closely with local authorities and communities, we navigate the complex regulatory landscape and obtain planning permission compliance with all safety and environmental criteria.

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Grid Connection

Our grid engineers utilizes their expertise to navigate the complex grid connection process, meticulously analyzing grid capacity, voltage stability, and system reliability to ensure seamless integration into the existing electrical infrastructure.

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Financing and Procurement

We leverage our expertise to secure the best terms on procurement, financing and power purchase agreements, ensuring the lowest cost of generation and long-term revenue stability.

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Our construction managers oversee and coordinate all aspects of the project from site preparation and equipment deployment to grid interconnection, ensuring the seamless execution of each phase and delivery of the highest quality installations.

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We optimize the performance of our renewable energy farms through meticulous monitoring, maintenance, and data-driven analysis, ensuring seamless operation, maximum energy generation, and minimal downtime, while upholding the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

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